ST4T: Storying and Church Formation

ST4T: Storying and Church Formation

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Storying Training for Trainers (S-T4T) merges two best practices in the fields of church planting and cross-cultural communication to form a highly transferable model of training trainers to effectively share God’s Word, make disciples, and plant churches.

Believers are trained to share their testimony along with the story of the Gadarene Demoniac. The two stories share the power of Jesus to transform lives.  As hearers express interest in the life-changing power of Jesus for their own lives, believers have been trained to tell a simple redemptive story from Creation to the formation of the Church. Believers are trained to walk back through the story to make sure hearers, who express a desire to make a decision to follow Christ, understand what it means to place their faith in Jesus and to follow him in obedience. They are encouraged to be baptized and to join in fellowship with other believers (start a church).

Recognizing different responses from hearers, if someone is not yet interested in following Jesus, the believer is trained to ask if he and his family or friends would like to meet regularly to hear more stories. Then the believer is able to disciple the hearer and his family through the Bible stories even before they become believers!

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